Wow.  The day to vote is finally here and I am so glad that it’s going to be over soon.  I have grown weary of all the banter and chit chat online and on television by the so-called pundits and experts.  We, the public, are hit with a plethora of information, whether true or false, whether positive or negative.  I don’t care if you think you are a witch or your hairdo looks wacky.  I don’t care if you hired a hooker.  I don’t care if you decided to spend your last family vacation in Timbuktu in a pitched tent in the woods smoking weed all day.  I am tired of hearing politicians justify why we should vote for them once again or for the first time.  None of them have said anything worth listening to nor have even attempted to be informative enough to make me feel as if they actually do know something about economics and what will help our society.

I have listened to my husband over the years talk about the impending doom that the world will experience when our financial markets crash for one last horrible, devastating time and how our vote does not matter.  He has been completely right with his predictions thus far.  But still I will vote, just in case there is a possibility of a shred of hope of turning things around.  Maybe there is someone out there willing to do and say the right things to get our society back on track but I certainly don’t attach the label of savior or messiah to any politician.  They are just people each with their own agendas.  I cannot sit idly by watching the world go around me without doing that small little bit that makes me feel as if I have contributed.  I think of all the people who have stood before dogs and fire hoses to give me the right to vote and I cannot let them down.  I cannot let their fight be all in vein.

Who will I vote for?  I probably will pick a party line and vote for all.  Which party line is the question.  I don’t want to help the madness of the negative rhetoric out there beating up our esteemed president for things he didn’t cause and cannot change.  But if the other side takes over, it gives them no excuses.  So do I vote strategically or with my party of choice?  What about the issues, you may wonder. I’m not one of those idiotic non-billionaires who thinks that wealth should and will trickle down.  They have been waving that flag for many years and I sit here with my empty bucket waiting for just one drop to trickle.  Subsequently, I have not latched on to the anti-tax fight.  It is nonsensical for anyone who is middle class or less to even begin to think that that particular fight is theirs as well.  The more money that is brought in by corporations, the more creative they get in thinking up ways to move the jobs off shore and dodge paying the taxes that is due to our society.  I don’t care if you are gay and want to get married.  That is how you were born and I have no right to make an issue out of Mother Nature’s choices.  No individual should be able to tell you that marriage is not a choice for you.  But I will not stand with you when you akin your struggles to that of the ancestors of former chattel slavery.  When you are recognizable by mere sight and physical aspects, have been hung on trees, beaten, run down by dogs and sprayed by fire hoses for several hundred years after your people were chained in the hulls of ships, come back and try to sell me your metaphoric comparisons.  If I put solar panels in my home tomorrow, I will have a huge bill because they are very expensive but the energy wasted by the rest of society trumps any single effort by a few.  I don’t care if the president was born in Hawaii or Siberia.  He was elected, therefore deal with it but please stop sending smoke signals.  Call yourself what you really are and say what you really mean–you hate the fact the the United States is being led by a Black man and you will do anything and everything to make sure that never happens again.

No single candidate has spoken to any of my true concerns, so my vote is purely ceremonial.  It’s a shame that it seems as if so many people, including my husband are correct when they say that our vote does not mean anything.  I will cast my vote today in the small hopes that it does.