I commend all the rescue workers that performed the job they were paid to do.  But as employees, they do have health care policies and workman’s comp options if they are suffering from ills resulting from debris.  This is what a coal miner would have to do. This is what others have to do.  Therefore, Mr. Congressman, I do not approve of some ridiculously expensive special health care bill, probably riddled with extra crap having nothing to do with the workers, because this was deemed a terrorist attack.  Get your hands out of my wallet and look to the owners of the buildings.  I already had to pay millions to family members who probably also received life insurance payments.  Do I sound harsh?  Tragedies happen all the time but come on…enough is enough already.

About.com indicates:

  • New York businesses have received 62 percent of the total compensation, reflecting the broad-ranging economic impacts of the attack in and near the World Trade Center.
  • Among individuals killed or seriously injured, emergency responders and their families have received more than civilians and their families who suffered similar economic losses. On average, first responders have received about $1.1 million more per person than civilians with similar economic loss.

With all the money that has already been given to these victims and responders, why now do we have to foot the bill for their special health care issues?  Furthermore, as usual, the bill is probably riddled with earmarks and pork as any other bill.  Who really wins if this is passed?  Politicians and health care corporations.  Let’s stop pretending that the politicians really care…this is just to get votes in 2012.